1. My reward from myself for the half marathon this morning? Caramel apple covered in chocolate & peanuts!
  2. Im all set for the half! #minniemouse #cutenails
  3. all my favorite things!
  4. swear i get within 10 feet of her food and she growls…even when she’s too lazy to get up
  5. I finally have the clutter wall I’ve always wanted! #weddingphotos #loveit
  6. just downloaded vintique for free. it has the best filters ever #loveit
  7. they discontinued nicks fave hand sanitizer…so he stocked up. love it (Taken with Instagram)
  8. livingbetterfeelingbetter1:

good to know!

need to remember
  9. becomewhatyouwant:

unf, dean.

  10. muffintop-less:

So true! The most common comment I get from girls after a couple weeks of clean eating and lifting weights is how “amazing” they feel and how much energy they have! Honestly after cheat meals I feel so crummy… it’s a good reminder of why I eat clean 90% of the time!!! =)

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